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Clean and maintain your leather interior Car cleaning tips – sell your car for more

Clean and maintain your leather interior

Leather trim requires a special set of products to ensure the hard wearing, yet chemically sensitive surfaces remain in perfect condition. Autoglym Leather Cleaner is a pH neutral formula that can safely be used on all interior leather surfaces, as

Car cleaning tips – sell your car for more

When it comes to selling your car, a clean car is an indication that it has been well looked after. You wont get top dollar if your car is covered in dirt, fine scratches, oxidisation, nasty bug stains, marks on


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Hi from Autoglym Canada! For over 50 years we have been in the business of formulating the very best car care products for enthusiasts everywhere. With a comprehensive range of products available, from exterior cleaners, [...]

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Removing spilt drinks with Autoglym Interior Shampoo

During the lifetime of car ownership, drink spills can happen from time to time. Whether it’s from going over a speed bump with your morning coffee or a leaking milk carton from grocery shopping, accidents [...]

Maintaining Your Car

Cleaning the tray on your pickup truck

We love pickup trucks. You either own one, have owned one or want to own one. To make sure the back tray remains in top-top condition it should be regularly washed and maintained after heavy [...]

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Selling your rims? Here’s some cleaning tips

If you’re trying to sell your rims and tires, giving them a good thorough clean can help you fetch top dollar. With the help of Autoglym Clean Wheels, Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner and Autoglym Instant [...]